CC1, Inc. is the premier provider of digital Automatic Register Control, Web Video, Register Motorization, and Pre-Registration solutions for today's web printer.

Since its incorporation, CC1’s business has been dedicated to providing web printers with leading edge solutions to their print quality needs.

Founded in 1979, CC1 quickly established itself as one of the first manufacturers of Automatic Register Controls and Web Inspection. In the early 1990's, CC1 modernized register control technology by introducing the printing industry's first automatic register control utilizing camera based technology.

At the same time, CC1 provided a quantum leap in the concept of real-time service and partnering with customers by introducing remote access (originally modem, now internet). Customers benefitted greatly by this advancement, not only from a service perspective, but further through CC1's ability to remotely utilize register data collected by its equipment on press.

CC1’s latest development in register control technology with “Smart Camera” design featuring onboard processing writes a new chapter in CC1’s long history of bringing state of the art quality control solutions for today’s web printer.


Recent Updates

CC1 Featured on Fox Business News Manufacturing Marvels!

Steinhauser Inc. revised their savings percentage from 35% to 75%!
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Custom Printed Products, Inc. installs second CC1 Automatic Register Control System on a nine color MARK ANDY 4150 press.
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Newsday Taps CC1, Inc. for eXaminer II Register Control and Register Motorization Upgrade for Three Goss Metro Press Lines.
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TN Printing installs CC1 eXaminer II Automatic Register Control, Realizes Immediate Waste Savings Benefits
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