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Download The CC1 eXaminer II Register Control Brochure

Download the CC1 Register Motorization Brochure

“We installed the CC1 system on our nine-unit Goss Urbanite web press to improve our register consistency throughout the press run,” says Mark Manning, production director of the Bryan-College Station Eagle newspaper. “The CC1 system accomplished this right away. Our running waste dropped nearly 50%! It went from an average of 1,102 copies per run before the CC1 system was installed down to 596 waste copies per run”

Mark Manning,
Production Director
Bryan-College Station
Eagle Newspaper

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A new day dawns, and with it the introduction of CC1's next generation of Automatic Register Control technology. Small, sleek, fast...always leading edge.

With the industry demand for increased color capacity, print quality and faster turnaround time, coupled with the need to reduce costly waste, decreasing availability of skilled press operators...these and other pressures are requiring newspaper and commercial printers to search for an effective solution to color registration on press which is reliable, cost efficient, and can satisfy the specific challenges associated with their individual needs.

The solution is CC1's eXaminer II, the most advanced Automatic Register Control technology available today to the Commercial and Newspaper markets. Designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind, the eXaminer II offers the well-proven features of its predecessor, the eXaminer, and notably more.

eXaminer II fully automates the color registration process instantaneously on press. Presetting of unit to unit and cutoff compensators between jobs, coupled with the CC1 patented APR™ Automatic Press Re-timing results in meaningful make-ready savings and reduced startup time. With the eXaminer II controlling register, simultaneously on all leads, labor hours previously dedicated to register can be redirected to perform other functions. Increased consistency in register is maintained across speed changes, paster cycles, stops and restarts as register is rapidly and accurately returned to reference position.

Developed to meet the increasing need for improved cut-off control quality and consistency, the Intelli-Cut II Cut-Off Control, using CC1's Compact Designed Smart Camera, automatically pre-sets compensators and maintains print-to-cut or print-to-finish operations in the web running direction.


The eXaminer II employs the latest in digital register control technology on an advanced, extremely flexible hardware platform using "Plug & Play" components for ease of expandability (up to 52 register control cameras) and service. The CC1's "Smart Camera" design with onboard digital processing eliminates the need for a stand-alone processing computer. Long-lasting LED light strobes reduce energy consumption and the need for periodic replacement of bulb style light sources. External internet connectivity provides for 24hr Remote Technical Support. TRAM Total Register and Measurement provides detailed analysis reports, press register fingerprinting, corrective maintenance and quality verification. CC1's Motorization Packages can be retrofitted to the manual register mechanism on virtually any press line.

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