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The following outlines the Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Program for CC1's Automatic Register Control System and Web Inspection Equipment

A) 4-Hour Service Call Resolution

Remote Service

Historically successful, a 4-hour cure period for service calls, each CC1 Automatic Register Control System is shipped "Internet Access-ready" allowing CC1 Service Engineers to provide Remote Service via Internet anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Using Remote Access, calls can be resolved in a cost-efficient and timely manner with only basic assistance from on-site personnel. A 24-Hour Emergency Hot-Line is also available, as is CC1's TRAM Register Data and Reporting capabilities for press-fingerprinting and quality documentation purposes.

Remote Service allows CC1 Engineers to perform and provide customers with the following services:

  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote Repair of Software and Database functions
  • On-Line Demonstrations and Remote Training
  • Software Installations (upgrades and new software purchases)
  • TRAM Press Registration Fingerprinting and Quality Reports

Remote Service is included during the system warranty period of one year from shipment and can then be renewed annually through the CC1 Service Agreement.

B) 99% Equipment Up-Time "Plug & Play" Components

CC1's Automatic Register Control System utilizes Smart Cameras™ with on-board processing, which are fully networked. All components then, including cameras, comprise a "Plug & Play" environment for easy expansion and/or service. Spare parts can be easily swapped in if required without sacrificing overall system use.

Important system configuration information for all components and overall system setup is safely maintained on CC1's internal web site for immediate and easy download and re-installation via remote access by trained CC1 Engineers for efficient system restoration, should it ever be required.

Recommended Spare Parts:

CC1 has two recommended spare parts lists that you can chose from. A "Basic" and a "Motor" spare parts kit. The Basic Spare Parts Kit is for customers who did not require press register motorization. The Motorization Spare Parts Kit is for those customers that required the CC1 Register Motorization Package.

Preventative Maintenance:

Upon equipment installation, CC1 Service Engineers will conduct a training session for customer Maintenance Personnel on regular maintenance procedures necessary to ensure maximum equipment reliability and performance.

In addition, CC1 recommends preventative maintenance performed annually by a trained CC1 Service Engineer in order to inspect system components and system operation, clean and calibrate cameras to ensure optimal picture quality, and assess current operator expertise.

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