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News and Tech Article April 2009

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CC1's Core Strengths

37 Years’ Experience Dedicated to Register Controls

  • Family owned and operated since 1979, CC1 does not divide it’s time or resources supporting multiple product lines. Our register control customers receive 100% of our attention and support.

Customer Base

  • Our installation base and reference list of retrofit newspaper customers is second to none in the newspaper industry. The eXaminer II is specifically designed for the newsprint market.

Engineering Expertise

  • At CC1 we provide our customers with a core service and engineering group with thirty 37 years of hands on experience within the printing industry.
  • CC1 Register Controls are “tuned” to match the register capability of our customers’ press lines using T.R.A.M. TM reports during system startup. This attention to detail maximizes the register quality and waste savings.

Pioneering Image Based Register Controls

  • CC1 developed and introduced the printing industry's first automatic register control utilizing digital color cameras.

Digital “Smart Camera” Technology

  • Onboard Digital Signal Processing allows each camera to function as it’s own standalone PC on an Ethernet platform. The need for a single point failure processing PC has been eliminated.
  • LED technology is utilized for web illumination.
  • Digital RBG filtering allows the cameras to control register on off colored substrates and read faint yellow and PMS colors.

User Friendly Graphical Interface

  • Displays and updates live video image of register marks. Unique to CC1, the operator sees exactly what the camera sees.
  • Allows for manual input adjustments to correct for plate fit error. The operators have the ability to reset the zero position of any plate cylinder to accommodate for issues such as plate misalignment.

T.R.A.M.TM (Total Register and Management)

  • Time and date stamped analysis reports historical analysis reports can be downloaded from any networked PC.
  • Run quality verification
  • Fingerprinting short term register capability performed at the time of system startup
  • Preventive / corrective maintenance action


  • 24 hour, seven days a week remote connectivity for service and operator training by our fully staffed domestic support team
  • Each CC1 customer is provided with an after hours support phone number
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